Smp9 "Emc's Ghetto" sup dwag

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  1. Yo so welcome to smp9 we be kickin it old school here and want you to come kick it with us!

    drop a line

  2. You dawg, just chillen wit a heinny in mah hand, sippin on it will watchin some of duh Boondocks on mah Telly
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  3. No Bratty! Lol

    Bruhh what I tell you dawg! Yo braids tight! Fo shizzle!
  4. XD
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  5. Yo dawg I am going to chill here.
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  6. Sup dawgs! I'm down tuh chill fo sheeezle!!
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  7. When you've gotten into fights " See what had happened was , yo man tried to make me take a l for him but I said nahh bruhh! "

    Define " L " : A Loss

    ~Gheto Lessons By LovelyBunni <3 :)
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  8. yo dis neighborhood be dope i think i gon come visit dawg aight
  9. so how every dawg doing?
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  10. Yo dawg, what's bein going down in da hood? I heard a guy got dropped by the SMP1 gang. Everythang is getting messed up, you know what I'm saying dawg? There's a a flower epidemic going down, can make you rich a rich man, or a dirt poor dawg, for real man. Better not get into dat crap.
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  11. Forreal dawg?
  12. Everyone here would get instantly murdered in a real ghetto.....dawg.
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  13. Yeah homie. I heard some dawgs in da gang are operating a drug operation in secret. We better ice dem fools and get them off the streets.
    Were all bustas dawg.

    *I've been playing too much GTASA due to GTAV not being on PC yet..*
  14. I logged in at the very end of this conversation on smp9 and was very confused
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  15. Lol I don't even remember how this topic was brought up

  16. We betta bust them lemon squeezes them my homie
  17. I am a upperclass, european and I am extremely smart. I don't know how to act ghetto. It is like how Justin Bieber doesn't know how to sing. Here goes my attempt at being "ghetto"
    Disclaimer: I am not liable for any concussions due to extreme faceplaming and/or vomiting. I am not liable for any injuries, medical problems or any mental problems after reading the following post:

    Deathtomb, mah Hommie! We Hazn't been kikn itz in forevs! We needz yo 2 throw an off teh chizzel drawp partay! I wil brin teh medical kit if sasy smoch partyz tooo hard again.
  18. Im just puttin this in yo. I started this shiz on smp 9.
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  19. boy i dont even knnooww how dis started but forrealz i be ownin yall