SMP9 down?

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  1. It seems that nobody can connect to SMP9.

    I got disconnected from it about 1/2 hour ago with "End of stream".

    I got the same when I tried several times; I restarted minecraft, and rebooted - same.

    When I tried to connect to Utopia instead, I got the "you can only be connected to one ..." message.

    Maxarias kicked me, and now I can get on Utopia, but I still can't get on SMP9.

    Others get the same error.
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  2. I can't get on smp9 either
  3. smp9 is down yo, time to go outside and see the clouds again.... mmm little fluffy clouds
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  4. i prefer the block ones ;)
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  5. they should let you silk touch the clouds in game and collect them :p
  6. Slik touching clouds awesomenes
  7. We know about the issues, but unfortunately there's not much we can do about them. We're eagerly awaiting for craftbukkit++ (which is now being completely re-written) to be updated to 1.3 and hopefully all these 1.3 errors/glitches should be fixed.
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  8. including the disappearing item glitch?
  9. Aww, another server crash? That's what I get for going outside? JK, LOL.
  10. Has it happened again just now?
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  11. And yet again, today, now?
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  12. It went up and down again. Werid :confused:
  13. yeah i was working on some redstone and scratching my head on why it wasn't working... and then BAM the server goes down. i feel better now though because i think it was the lag and the crash that was stopping my redstone from working lol
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  14. Is SMP9 the only sever affected?
  15. nope, utopia is down now too
  16. I can get on Utopia fine; I just can't get on SMP9. I get "end of stream". I've been re-trying for 10 minutes.
  17. oh yeah utopia went down for a minute though but it's back up now

    just refresh your minecraft because it'll tell you when it's back up
  18. Argh... This is... tricky.....
    Hopefully, the staff would get to the root of this problem soon. :confused:
  19. i think smp9 is buckling under the power of our awesomeness because we all know that smp9 is the most epic emc server evar!
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  20. i think.... this MIGHT have something to do with people using huge redstone machines.