SMP9 contectivity errors

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  1. I was minding my own buisness then boom started having block lag and this happen in my chat.

    I was shortly kicked after words with is message.

    Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.timeout

    Is anyone having these problems?
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  2. I'm on smp9, lagging so bad, I just quit. I'm not gonna get on for a while
  3. Same with me...
  4. I was in the nether, and I fell into unloaded chunks, so I'm falling nonstop. its unbearable! Hopefully the lag stops soon
  5. Posted this to make sure they do figure out the issue :/
  6. something is really messed up. when you do /ping , it says 0ms. Thats not even possible unless you're computer is plugged right into the server. That's what Matheus told me a few days ago.
  7. Yeah let the staff take care of this, you don't know how these things work out
  8. Sorta like how Chin broke smp8. Everyone disconnected and joined at the exact same time. :confused:
  9. I'll check back in 5-10 minutes, I wonder what caused this much lag. Maybe since 1.8 is out, lots of people built Guardian farms and afk out there. Those things can get laggy at times.
  10. Just blame Rainbow.
  11. supposedly, they're now 'finding source of lag', hopefully they find it soon enough
  12. 2015-05-24_17.12.24.png Thats a creative way of spreading a message to everybody
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  13. The server did a restart and it seems to have fixed the lag. back up to 20 ticks per second
  14. Thank you staff! :)
  15. Rexio's fault, every time.