[SMP9] Colossus Spyro Towers - Eclipsys & MR2R2M

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  1. Greetings Empirians!

    I'm here to announce the revival of the SMP 1 /v 1781 Colossus Project, that recently got reset due to SYSTEM not being nice and Faithcaster having internet troubles.

    This project is no longer run by Faithcaster & me because of some minor disagreements concerning another project. The new operators are MR2R2M and me, with a small team of extra building help!

    The project has been moved to SMP9 /v 18585.

    Come watch as she grows!

    Colossus Building Team
    ~Eclipsys & MR2R2M
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  2. Best of luck with it, hopefully you'll let me sneak peak from time to time, ;-)?
  3. This is where we start from!
    javaw 2013-11-04 03-31-57-55.jpg
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  4. This looks awesome! Looking forward to see progress.
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  6. I shall never let it get reset. Look forward to once again building with ya Ecli :D
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  7. Good to see this at Smp9! :)
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  8. No Schemetica? :eek:
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  9. Yeah, you guys just blow stuff up with tnt again...
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  10. Haha, not this time :p
  11. UPDATE #1
    First pillar is up, wall layout for the right part of the building have been built! Staircase in front of the building partially done.
    javaw 2013-11-10 22-34-41-46.jpg
  12. Donation request:

    We have expanded the project to 8 residences
    (aligned 2x4).

    We will need senior staff services and loads of extra materials.

    Any donations in the form of rupees will be greatly appreciated.

    ~Ecli & MR2
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  13. UPDATE:

    We claimed another 3 of 4 (thats the goal) residences across the double roads.

    This project has now grown to the size 3x4!!!

    Yes, Colossus is the biggest SMP undertaking ever on EMC! Blue ribbon isn't the biggest anymore, Faithcasters corporation center isn't either!

    This will grow!

    Any donations welcome!
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  14. Sweet GO SMP9 I like the project :p cool to see it on SMP9. SMP9 FTW
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  16. Our beloved team!
    Top L > R: MR2R2M / MR2R2M_2 / EmpireShop / playermarket / cdboi / T3knologik
    Bottom L > R: Eclipsys / iEclipsys / Mystrivous / MistClaws / Biscuitboy5396 / NicolasGuy / HairyEagle
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  17. Looks Great! i love The Project Cant wait to see it done :p
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  18. As I am a senior staff, just message me when you need the sr. staff services =)

    I'll do my best to assist you
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  19. Thank you so much! :D
  20. Don't forget about R0bbiejo's
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