SMP9 Coal block Pyramid Project + Possible Beacon New years Drop party.

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  1. Hey guys! BoxmanVince here!

    Today on SMP9 I decided to kill the Cobble Pyramid which was only in existence for about 30 hours total... I sold off everything I owned for about 50-70% off in order to build up as much rupee's as i could to fund a new project.

    As many of you probably know there are many pyramids surrounding the SMP9 Spawn. though I have yet to see one entirely made out of coal blocks. did you guys and gals forget about the most valuable resource ever?

    So I've decided to erect a Coal Block Pyramid with the small amount of rupee's I have. currently 99Marvel is the only user who has shown any interest or thinks I can actually do this D: While everyone else I've proposed this to said I'm nuts and.... that I just can't get that much coal.

    This is why I'm asking the community for help. To the generous ones who would be willing to donate large sums of Coal to the project, you can visit residence 18117 on SMP9 where a shop is set up to sell 10 coal blocks for 10r or you can get in contact with me and I'll purchase coal off you.

    In order for me to purchase it off you, you'll have to be willing to match or beat the price 99Marvel has set which is 1.5r/coal or 27r/2 blocks.

    I will work out how I will repay those who donate their coal.

    Now for part 2.

    At new year's and or Christmas If this project is a success and I still have a good sum of rupee's left over, i will personally go out and get mountains of rare items and powerful enchanted picks,axes & armor & even Beacons! then do a free drops in the Coal block Pyramid as celebration.
  2. I would make one out of redstone or quartz. I personally just forget about coal but I I really do not think that there should be one. Coal is not that good looking or special or an ore/item which is mined.
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  3. All the more reason to make one :p
  4. A melon one?
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