SMP9 18052 60x60 Coal Block Pyramid in 48hours

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  1. I'm not a rich player, I'm not an amazing miner.. but within 48hr I manage to mine over 2k blocks of coal ore and spend only 60,000 rupee's to create this amazing Coal Block Pyramid on SMP9. People said I couldn't do it when I first proposed it, but here it is within 48 hours of me proposing the idea.

    Hard work and determination pays of people.

    I am standing on a next door pyramid with my Co Founder 99marvel :3

  2. 1. Nice ! :D ( now I wonder who will build obsidian one ;) )

    2. Does coal block burns ? :)
  3. Good on ya man! :)
  4. Cool! Love the determination of players.
    Now if only people worked more with each other...
    Bigger and bigger projects could be created... Hmm....
  5. Nice !!!!
  6. Time to tear it down and lemme use them to smelt xD nah jk, good job and to have it done in 48hs.
  7. Wait.. so you mined all that Coal? or paid 60k for most of it? :)

    Still good job. :) Took me 2 days to build my cobble temple thing SMP5. /v nzscruffy
  8. 2013-11-29_10.25.42.png
    Me at my res 18029! Now I am living next to another pyramid too ;) I think that is 2 diagonal and 2 next to it now! Oh and if you want to know why my res is a mess, it was GameKribJim and everyone else who went to my Big Dig event :p

    That is a great achievement in 48 hours! Good on ya.
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