SMP8's Golden Golem Capital Wild Outpost

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  1. Hello there fellow EMC'ers. JaCkEeNe, Daxter9133 and I are starting a wild outpost on SMP8. It will be called the Golden Golem Capital Outpost. Our goal is to make it like the LLO, in the way that there will be many people living in it. We have a website, located here. We hope that you join, and help us make this bigger and bigger! Updates will be coming soon, mostly on the website so we don't spam up EMC's forums. Thanks!
  2. Jesus ur so tech god aren't you! Lol jk but ur awesome with internet stuff
  3. Um…senior staff of GGC here. First meeting this Saturday. Bring a lot food, torches, supplies. This is just a prep meeting. To get the area ready.
  4. Okie I filled the form out.

    Edit: Your welcome message says it's on smp1. Isn't it on smp8 and might I add isn't it better to not disclose even the smp server the city would be built in?
  5. ICC took down my website links off my clan's thread, so why doesn't he do it with other clans?
  6. Ahh. Thank you for correcting my error. At first we were going to make it on SMP1, but now we are switching to SMP8.
  7. Willing to help with problems big or small.
  8. Hey foodenator. Invite me on the GGC site.
  9. Let's talk in PM, not here, ok?
  10. i have applyed
  11. If you have applied, we will get you results soon. I am a busy person, with school and stuff to do as well as organizing a outpost.
  12. I wish to apply
  13. Right here, sir.
  14. You have been accepted.

    SunnyDayz100 has been accepted.

    You have been accepted.

    retgool has been accepted.
  15. Is there an iron golem grinder?
  16. No. I thought that they were illegal on EMC?

    EDIT: If they aren't illegal, we might eventually make one.
  17. Yay
  18. they are legal and sent request
  19. There's one in slime tows, so it must be legal.