Smp8's Directory [Doesn't exist anymore]

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Is the logo okay? :P

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  1. Ever feel like you are looking forever for a product? Want to do something fun?
    Well, you can come to the directory and find most items that you need!
    It is located on res number: 16105 or /v +directory. Find the portal that says "Smp8 Directory" to go to the mini-hub. I added a few shops and malls, so be sure to check it out. ;)

    Want to suggest a shop or mall to the directory?
    To qualify, your residence...
    • CANNOT be derelict
    • Somewhat designed, can't be a dirt made shop.

    Current Sections:
    Malls and Mini-Malls- Red Section
    Azoundria's smp8 Mall-16111
    iUlti Inc's Mall-16059
    The TCB Mall-16004
    jhtk01's Market-16067
    The "Medieval Mall"-16400
    Sgt_Pepper's Bulk Store-16870
    Promo Stores- Orange Section
    Guill's MiniPromo Store-17444
    Zion_Moyer's Promo Shop-16247
    SirTah's Promo Shop-17888
    SteveClasher's Promo Museum and Store-16833
    Regular Shops- Yellow Section
    MarcoFLC's Shop-16175
    Matious's Shop-16692
    Soseeyopath's Shop-17113
    Specific Product Shops- Green Section
    PeculiarPotato's Pvp Shop-16394
    UltiPig's Enchanted Bookstore-16097
    rdmaster's Potion Shop-16426
    khixan's Nature and Mob Drop Shop-17462
    Waldo's Color Shop- 17721
    More to come soon, including new sections...

    I need your help community! Since most of these forums is smp8 heavy, please suggesting shops and attractions for this directory. If you want to change the "name" of your shop in the directory, please post here. This was my idea; I didn't copy Kytula's idea. :p I started this a while back(2014) on smp3, if anyone remembers. Have a nice day. :)
    NOTE: DO NOT say this is a duplicate of SirTah's thread. That was a really bad accident that somehow happened on the same day. I posted my thread first.
    Last Updated-5/19
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  2. bump really weird coincidence. :(
  3. Great minds think alike! ^_^ I love to see these hubs popping up. Thank you for all the hard work your putting into this! Also shel is doing a directory too just in case you were unaware.

    Lol we should make a guild or something for all the players who make directories / teleport hubs
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  4. You need to give use button flag, for us to be able to click the tp buttons
  5. Shop to add:
    Soseeyopath @ 17113 or +Soseeyopath / +Sosee
  6. *facepalm* Forgot about that ;)
  7. Perhaps my mall, /v 16082 or /v +sbb once it is complete? It isn't open yet, so move flag is off, but it'll be ready soon. :)
  8. Mine isn't a shop, but I have a promo gallery on 17463.
  9. bump, thanks for the shops guys
  10. Shop to add under Specific Product Shop:
    Waldo's Colors Shop 17721
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  11. Doing some rounds to see if these /v +directory 's are still actively maintained?
  12. Shop to add:
    FrenchMenace's market @17014 or /v +market
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