SMP8 Six-res project

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  1. Hello all :)
    As mentioned here, I am currently designing a six-residence project.
    I decided to make this thread as, well, posting updates on there is kind of irrelevant.
    The actual project will consist of three parts:
    • The first is the village. It will be built in a medieval-style and will include a few small shops, which are mainly 'decoration'. It will span over approximately three residences.
    • The second is the mountain. This will also be three residences. It will contain a small temple, and perhaps to be fortified by a castle wall (but I'm not entirely sure about that). The temple will lead on to the third section.
    • The third section is a large, 58 by 58, multi-floor labyrinth. This will be underneath one of the residences. It will have chests for scavenger parties, riddles and puzzles. This feature will be built after the surface sections are done, perhaps months later.
    The project is currently being planned on single-player using World Edit to generate terrain, flora and rivers, to save this project taking decades. I plan on using Schematica to build it on EMC, using the ghost-blocks setting, but I don't yet know how to operate it, and it may not work for what I need it to.
    I will post updates to this thread from now on.

  2. This spoiler will be updated every time a new feature/building is added.

    This building uses custom heads.

    This post will be updated with more pictures of more buildings and features.
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  3. Reserved for updates
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