SMP8 second ring spawn residence

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Totouga, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Hi all :)
    I have recently acquired residence 16017, a second-ring 'spawn' residence on SMP8.
    I don't need it, as I decided to wait a while before moving my mall, and I didn't really fancy that particular res.
    So, I am deciding to give to the first commenter.
    It would be a standard 'I un-claim, you claim' procedure. Also, you will need a free residence to claim it.
    The residence is currently held by Chocolatatoes, my alt.

    Why would you want to enter this, though?
    Well, it's fairly close to spawn next to the love event and has a fairly memorable number. It also has the fantastic view of Chin's amazing statue, on res 16007. It is entirely forest biome, thanks to a quick res biome change :)

    So, may you comment the quickest :D
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  2. Wait, hwo do we enter?
  3. it seems u won ^.^

    he said the first commenter could get the res. so that means u i think, if ur interested.
  4. I'm giving it to the first commenter, so you. Do you want it, or were you just asking?
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  5. I'll take it. I'll have to use my alt WiddurDoggie to claim it if that is okay.
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  6. Sure :) When would you like to receive it? I'm online at the moment, but also available later today.
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  7. I can't be on until tonight since I have school today. Does around 8 PM EMC time work for you?
  8. Sorry, that's 1 AM for me.
    I have today off of school due to illness, and I'll probably be back at school tomorrow.
    I'm normally on at 7:40 AM - 8:10 AM and 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM, all of these in BST.
    So that's 2:40-3:10 EMC time and 11:00-1:30 EMC time.
    I assume those are inconvenient for you also, so perhaps the procedure will occur on the weekend?
  9. FYI, I am transferring the residence onto fishboyrules until you can claim it. He is an alt of mine. All other details are the same, just the account I'm storing it on is changing.
  10. Is the 2:40 EMC time am or pm? (sorry for late response. I've been really busy lately)
  11. Sorry, the former is AM and the latter PM, so it is 2:40 EMC time AM
  12. Hopefully I'll be able to get on this weekend during one of the times you said.
  13. I'm on most times at the weekend. Are you available now?
  14. Yeah, give me a few minutes to get my pc started up and then I'll be on.
  15. Cool. I'll log on now. I'll be on fishboyrules at 16017