smp8 Redstone Utopia Joining form and outpost introductory!

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  1. This is Redstone Utopia! This place will be filled up to the brim with redstone contraptions of people's levels that join! If you would like to join, here is the form you MUST fill out to join!
    Answer this to your best ability. You will know when you get joined into this outpost. I will give you coords in the convo when you are joined in. Here is the proclamation

    This outpost is meant to benefit the community of smp8, not harm them. So if you want to build something lethal, don't.
    Thank you...yeah not really a introductory. Whatever :p
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  3. Hola senior ShyGuy. You need a pepe here.

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  5. Would join, but working on a outpost myself ):
  6. Bump again, back from my sickening week and back on schedule!
  7. Bump if no one minds :rolleyes:
  8. Could I join?
  9. Fill out the form then