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  1. This is the proclamation you must read to join my smp8 outpost called Redstone Utopia. You will see this thread is closed because it is meant to be that way. This thread is not meant for replies. So when this is posted, it will be immediately closed RIGHT AWAY! To the proclamation

    We, ShyguytheGamer1 and ShyguytheGamer2, have found a lovely place to build our utopia of redstone dreams. It was in our wildest dreams. But we needed some help. So we turn to the forums to decide for us and have them join us with our redstone practicality skills. But the redstone here mustn't be deadly or lethal, but very beneficial to the public. Farms, mobs, and basically anything. Something to boost the market of items through the roof cheap. So this 20K away from wild w spawn was the perfect place. And we can have an auto farm for the mooshrooms inhabiting this mushroom island.

    There will be rule-breakers. And there is a very intricate system I have set up, and if someone breaks one of the rules of this outpost, will be tried and possibly sentenced in the Town Hall, supreme court room. The intricate system will be told to you in the convo when you join.

    You have to agree to the following things.
    • Obeying EMC Rules.
    • Obeying Redstone utopia's rules
    • Building nothing lethal, only lethal to the animals or mobs
    • The buildings and redstone can be huge, or small.
    • You will have to build your own house in the specially assigned plots
    • Don't destroy the outpost area unless instructed to
    • Build only in the 250 block area that is, the outpost.
    • If you find a chest during a holiday, keep it for yourself, but tell everyone though to celebrate your success
    • Having fun.
    Thank you.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.