[SMP8] Public Woolinator (Wool Farm)

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  1. Just finished building a relatively simple public Wool Farm on SMP8 at Wild North. The design isn't overly complex but it gets the job done and was fun to build. Feel free to be critical because it's not all shiny and perfect, but hey. There you go.

    Getting There: Go /wild north on SMP8 and drop in a boat and head northeast until you get to 435/63/-10308, you'll see it if you get within 100 blocks as it's relatively large. Come onto the structure from the south side and there are signs and instructions. A chest of shears and a small area of utilities, etc. are provided. Enemy mobs are few because the sheep count is very close to the limit, so not much spawns. :cool:

    I find it useful to walk around the perimeter with some wheat (there's some in the middle-of-the-field chest above your head) in hand to entice the sheep to drop into the water and get swept into the Woolinator for bigger harvests first before going into the shed to shear. There's a lever/piston arrangement that holds back the sheep until you are ready to go, shear in hand, and then let the sheepies fly through. Just remember to turn it back on when done so it builds up for the next person in line.

    Or, hey, just walk around with a shears and get everything manually. No matter to me.

    "Hey Nathan," I hear you say, "why is the property twice the size with a fence down the middle?"

    "Good question," I reply. "Turns out, I made the space TOO large for the 250-entity-limit and the sheep spread out too much to make the whole system work. But I haven't yet removed the back half because, well....it's a real pain to build on water, maybe I want it for something else!"

    Enjoy as you will.

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