smp8 and smp9 open early for supporters

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  1. On Monday (2-Apr-2012) we will be adding two new servers, smp8 and smp9. You may be asking why two servers? My answer is why not! We want to keep expanding as quickly as it makes sense to do so.

    smp8 is open now for early access to Diamond level supporters. smp9 is open now for early access for all supporters. Please let me know if anything seems wrong with these new servers during early access, as usual I am using new ones as the guinea pigs for core changes and improvements.

    Additionally we have increased the amount of residences Diamond gets to four:

    Thanks EMC and happy mining!
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  2. Wewt :D

    Is it bad of me to double snipe both 17001 and 18001?
  3. Can't wait for regulars to access!
  4. Sweet! Thanks Justin!
  5. Cant believe there is 3x more servers than when I started... :D
  6. When will regular's get access?
  7. There are 9x more servers than when I started. :D
  8. its grown so big, doesnt it make ya happy? :)
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  9. Indeed! :D
  10. April 2nd

    Wish I could get in on the early access. To bad I am no longer a supporter or have access to a computer that can run MC until Sunday evening. Alsways great to see the Empire expand. Great work Justin!
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  11. *rainbow puke* Just wow. I started just before smp4 launched and the empire has grown so much. I can't help it, but keep saying that this is awesome. This is awesome.
  12. can't gold get 3 then?
  13. If there's a picture of Kefka somewhere in SMP8, I'm getting Gold Supporter.

    Kid I do not.
  14. Shouldn't it be at the END, not the TOP?
  15. Incredible how fast EMC is growing! Justin and his crew are definitely doing something right. :)
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  16. I started
    on smp2 when it came out
  17. "AAhh Your Little Nest is Growing" Spike from 'Cowboy Bebop'
  18. I wish gold could get 3 residences. That would be fair. And now I speak for the Iron supporters. How about maybe 2 residences for Iron. And 1 for normal, of course.
  19. I don't think giving gold and iron extra lots is fair, because then with two iron accounts you get more than gold, and two golds get you more than diamond each for the same price as the other. While it would be nice, it isn't really fair.