Smp7's Police Department!

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  1. Welcome! To the Smp7's Police Deartment thread.

    We are a group of members of the server smp7, that protect the members of smp7 aginst grifers and robers in the server. Also helping new players to adapt to the server. Showing the important thing they need to do and to not do in the Town, Wild, etc.

    The owner of this Department is MJOHNNYBRO. The Co Owner is generalfelino015.

    To join you need to follow this rules:
    1. Have a res in smp7.
    2. Be connected more than 1 or 2 hours a day in smp7.
    3. Been more than 100 days in EMC.
    Thnx for your time, have a good day sir, or ma'am :D.
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  2. Ohh. i can do that! oh, but i don't have a res on smp7. :( but I want to help protect against griefers and robbers.
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  3. I'll put a res on 7 for your use to serve and protect.
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  4. That is the kind of police I want :D.
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  5. I don't have 100 days I think I have 20 days in MC total. But I do have a res I havnt claimed anywhere 7 is as good as the next lol
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  6. Do you plan on expanding it to other SMP's? If so I will help with the expansion.
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  7. I need to ask the owner if he wants.
  8. This is a cool idea and I like it. Some suggestions:
    Expand to other servers
    Put some more info about how you help
    I enjoy seeing people trying to help the community. I will donate rupees if you can answer my second question.
  9. If you want to build a police "sub station " on 6 we can discuss use of a res.
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  10. So how do you plan to stop griefers and robbers?
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  11. Don't the staff members police the servers? With special tools? And access to records?
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  12. I think it's less policing as we have Mods for that but more helping new players
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  13. From what I gather, it is a much less formal group. Mods have to offer slightly more generalized help that fits certain guidelines while a group of players can give less restrictive help.
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  14. With time and hardwork :D.
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  15. Mods have the policing down, why not be the 'SMP7 Welcome Wagon'? Get them familiarized with the Empire Guide and the Wiki. I think that's where you'd be most effective. Sometimes its better for retention rather than finding rule-breakers. Rule-breakers find their way out on their own with the help of a moderator and that nifty Square system they got.

    What I mean by retention is keeping those who sign up on the server. Your tact, kindness & direction all contribute to the retention of a member and if you believe that an awesome community is what EMC stands for, BE that awesome community... forge yourselves a Welcoming Guild and build a stronger foundation =)
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  16. Good idea, I like the name doe.
  17. 'Police' is not a very welcoming word, which is why I suggested the name change. I know what you're all about... you're trying to help. I admire that, however I thought I'd give you some alternative choices that may prove to be more fruitful in your endeavors.

    But, if you DO have some guts, put in an application for Moderator. One day in the distant future you may become one. Good luck to you, and may I also thank you for WANTING to be so helpful. It is in fact refreshing.
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  18. Stuff you could do:
    • Welcome new players to the server
    • Answer any questions players ask
    • Remind them not to give build flag to anyone unless they 100% trust them, or supervise the builder. Remind them to remove build flag after a player has done a 'job' for them.
    • Tell players where good player shops are to buy resources
    • Assist them with basic use of different worlds, and res flags
    • Teach them about /ignore, /res set move f, and other tools to protect them from unwanted attention.
    • Help them get prepared, and take them on a mining trip.
    • Teach them how to make a teleport sign, and put your police station on a teleport sign, so they can get to you anytime. Help them add teleports to other residences they will use a lot. (like shops to sell and buy things from).
    • Remind them of griefing and spamming rules if they forget, so they keep out of trouble.
    • Build tutorials at the police station res on how to do various basic things, like use flags.
    • Create a thread where people can ask questions and you answer them. Edit the thread OP to include a FAQ of all these questions.
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  19. Ok, I want to say thnx to all the people that helped me here in this thread. I will talk with mjo, and do a new thread :D.