SMP7's New Cake Drop Party Res

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  1. Around midnight last night, we were graced with something of utter cakey chaos.

    It started innocently enough, with this:

    and then the cake spread into the skies, like something alive!
    Finally it evolved into something truly magnificent, and we gladly became ElfinPineapple's guinea pigs for a new event idea he's testing!

    If you'd like to come see it in person (with it's new additions of lava on the bottom level) come to /v 14662 on SMP7!

    I took some in-game footage while we all fell to our deaths, for science, of course ;)

    I know the quality is bad potato-like xD I only realized I was recording with awful settings after-the-fact :eek: i'll have it sorted out by the time I post another video :) Also the music cuts out occasionally b/c YouTube made me remove copyrighted songs :p oh well :)
  2. This place is addictive. Really worth checking out
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  3. I made the drop on my 3rd try, and was very sad when I was told there wasn't a prize
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  4. I made it in the water about 5 times now :D I'm proud of myself, hehe.
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  5. I'm impressed! I only ever made it to bedrock/lava a handful of times (and died on impact each time of course :p )
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  6. WELP
    READ 'EM AND WEEP (I wouldn't be up here if I didn't win so :p)
    This is a cakewalk; I don't know what you guys are on about :U

  7. The last few times I made it in, the winning hole was much less touched up, so now that (after many tries and deaths) I've managed to make it in again, here's a picture! Woot woot.

    Also yes, I changed my skin, lol.
  8. :p

    edit: just realized it is available in 4k! :O

  9. Is using voter's boots allowed?
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  10. I will try to see this at some point