smp7 will be launched this weekend

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. So it has been a crazy couple of weeks. First we had the huge update to 1.2, and then that triggered the mad dash to get smp1-4 on proper hardware. Now that we are back in full operation we are maxing out max players on all 6 smp servers! That means it is time to launch smp7 :)

    smp7 will be all fresh MC 1.2 worlds. This means it will NOT be reset with the upcoming resets that will be happening on the other servers (

    Something else we are trying new with smp7 is pre-generating a large area of the wilderness and nether. I am currently testing doing a 5,000 block radius around the spawns and outposts.
  2. In addition to this I have a batch of bug fixes and small updates I will be launching this weekend on all servers. It will contain the ability to eggify babies, no more idle kick when servers are not full, and a few other fixes including the newest Bukkit build.
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  3. Awesome! It hasnt even been a month since smp6!
  4. Yeah smp7 was ready to launch right when MC 1.2 came out so we decided to hold off so it could have the new worlds and not need a reset :)
  5. Ahhh the elusive SMP7 is no longer a myth
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  6. your avatar.. looks very similar to something i said not even an hour ago XD

    on topic:

    Yay Smp7!
  7. I see that myself.

    I thought this was a staff thread, until I saw the persons who replied. :D

    I love it. :) Keep up the amazing work. :)
  8. :eek: Holy biscuits!! :eek:

    EMC is going into hyper drive - things have really picked up since I joined (about 1.5 months ago) - and it doesn't look like EMC is going to slow down any time soon.

    That's way way cool. ;)

    Keep up the awesome work!! :D
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  9. So... Smp7... Huh... Any time soon?
  10. So whats new about SMP7 again?
  11. awesome!!!
  12. it will have the first full 1.2 map of EMC.
  13. So, what happened with the Dysteria thing? is it double mobs, or is it just, herp'in the derp?
  14. The hardcore smp is still something we plan on building. It will require a lot of work to make a new type of server. The current smp servers are very easy to launch now that I have it down to a science and all the plugins / custom code / etc are stable :)
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  15. Cause I mean, i have moved EVERY TIME there was a new server, and SMP6 is too new to leave, i might visit there sometimes, but Im definitely not moving again, always lose stuff in the move. It seems like we might be going a little too fast, SMP6 and 5 are still pretty ungreifed if you walk for 2 minutes.
  16. New servers aren't created for you to move. It's created to house new players to EMC and more at one time. There are people who started on SMP1 who never left SMP1. :)
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  17. I have to agree with Jeremy, I only moved to SMP5 because it has hardware improvement over the other EMC servers. When Justin adds another server it doesn't mean you have to move, LOL! Also the fresh start from the new SMP5 (when it came out) was a great move because it gave me business because there was not that much shops setup when I got there :p
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