[SMP7] The Mojang Tree!

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by ChrisTheHylian, May 16, 2016.

  1. Not quite sure if this is considered a creation, but I thought it was just plain hilarious! So today was my one year anniversary on EMC, and my friend TBird1128 showered me in gifts. One of the gifts was a Mojang banner. I didn't have room inside my new house (I restarted my first res, I didn't like the old one), so I stuck it on a tree outside. This tree has become the sacred, and is now known as the sacred Mojang tree. You gotta admit, this is funny. I figured that I found a new purpose for banners; comedy!
  2. I love the gift
    Also Stand in awe of this sacred tree
  3. Again happy 1 year on emc Chris, glad that we became good friends cause you have helped me out ALOT! Hope that we can reach 2 years together!
  4. Awww thanks Ori! I hope that too! :D
  5. I hope you make your screen bigger when you actually play. :p
  6. I do, but I can't find my F2 Screenshots, so I have to make the PC screenshot, which doesn't work if MC is in Full. :confused:
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