smp7 server i need Sandstone and stone

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  1. Smp7 server just /v tdjd55
    I need Stone and Sandstone quite alot like couple hundred stacks . So please sell i got rupee :)
  2. I have like 3 double chests of stone in stock at 811 on smp1 :)
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  3. I should have stone and probably sandstone at 4005 smp2 :)
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  4. I have some stone: 10117 @ SMP5
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  5. I need only stone now i will be ofline for today hope somebody comes and sells me stone :)
  6. Mall at 13131 smp6 sandstone, stone and much more
  7. I believe that there is now a public stone gen on smp9 and if you bring a silk touch you should be able to get a lot of stone. Hope this helps :D
  8. well i need alot better this way if you sell to me also i saw somebody sold be like 8 chests but i just empty them so please sell again :)
  9. ty no more need it :)