SMP7 Project 2.

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  1. Hello! Ever been looking for the perfect mall to buy your goods from? Ever looked for a public wool farm or a public wheat farm in one specific area without the threat of being killed by mobs?

    Well, coming soon to smp7 at /v 14599 will be the SMP7 Project 2.0! ( first on failed, this one will be handled better ). At this mall, me and the staff ( PM me if interested ) will try to supply every item in game at this mall, as well as a public farm of every sort we can fit. At the moment I and the staff have one issue, money. So, if you want to donate to this project, all Im asking for is something simple, but the bigger the donation the better! This is a 450-500k project and all news will be posted here! The design is in progress and some of the farms might be built by December 5th ( have to tear down first project and get the items there out ).

    So, if you want this idea brought to EMC, donate or buy the items! There will be lots open for you to buy as well, no reserving though ( price not determined ).

    Thank you-

    - ww2fan168
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  4. BUMP

    Chicken Eggfarm has been built! Just wait for the eggs and they are yours!
  5. BUMP!

    Egg farm has been built and ready for harvest! As well a daily gift box has been set up :)
  6. need any help just ask me!
  7. Will you aim to make a profit from this, or will it be run for the benefit of the community?
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  8. This is going to mainly be a benefit to the community but it is going to be a mall, I have other plans for it that I can't show right now though ;)
  9. BUMP

    Farmers market is soon to be up! 500r to have one stand to sell whatever you want in them! May be lowered but PM me for info!
  10. I am a week new to EMC, I live on SMP7. I will be sure to stop by and offer some assistance, even if just in a donation format. I plan to benefit the community with my /res in the future as well.