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  1. whats up with smp7 monsters are super fast
    i lost 16,000 rupees in the wild just because some creeper sneaked up on me and before i knew BOOM dead . by the time i got there i died again 4 times my stuff was gone. while on smp1 i have way more time before creeper explodes
  2. Yup, Smp7 is having some issues with glitches.Heres another, when I went to the nether I kept lighting on fire when I was just standing there, no lava, no fire near, it's a glitch.Smp7 is being restarted often, to try to fix the problems.
  3. monsters being fast is mainly due to the unrare problem of... the server isnt lagging!

    The slowness your use to on other servers was due to lag.
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  4. Exactly. This is not a problem. It's how it's suppose to be!

    The other servers are just really slow, when they are full especially.
  5. well then i love lagg
    this monster thing is not cool i loose more money than i make
    be glad of this lagg is all servers were like this i stopped with the game can't handle the stress of constant awareness
  6. be sure you are wearing a full set of iron armor when going in to the wild (or diamond if you're a baller)
    and be sure to wear at least an iron sword, but strongly preferred to use a diamond sword!

    With armor and a diamond sword, creepers are nothing. they wont kill you unless you let them get right up on you, and you can kill them quicker than they can blow up.
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  7. I am used to it cuz I used to play on SSP ALOT.
  8. i dont on single player always played on easy and peacefull
  9. Welcome to Minecraft.
  10. Yeah, I wish MC did a better job with SMP. I mean if you go above 10 players it immediately starts impacting the "ticks" (speed). The bottle neck is CPU again because of the single threaded limitation. We are currently running e3-1230's, I could move to e3-1290's but the cost is almost FOUR time as much :(

    This week I will be profiling a bunch of empire plugins to try and squeeze a little more performance out of it :)
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  11. i like how you do it :)
    i can't even make a server on my own xD
  12. Justin, how about taking the max numbers of players down to 50 or so? Because the servers only lag past 50, Just until we can get even better servers or MineCraft fix servers?
  13. I guess that is something we can test on a server and see how it does. However we would be reducing our space by 70 players instantly.
  14. Hmm, I am not sure of a work around for that, All the more reason to support the server and buy iron/gold/diamond I suppose though :p
  15. The lag increases player by player, not only from 50. But from 50 it's terrible, yes.
    Good thought. I might do this, indeed.
  16. Mind me asking how do you audit it was worth 16k rupees?

    You said it... you also died 4 other times while getting there I feel the 2nd time shouda been enough to be more careful the next couple times?

    Stuff dropped takes 5 minutes, i think, to dissapear time in wich if u took 5 tries to get there (u died 4 so im guessing it was 5) means that the place shouldnt be that far if it only takes ~1 minute to get there... be careful next time.

    Given the fact that it took you that many tries, the guessed distance to where you died, and the timer for stuff to dissapear plus day/night cycles you totally coulda waited till daytime (where theres less chance of mobs) and run like crazy to get there, lock yourself on a 2x1 hut and chill down while you decide how to proceed.

    Or at least thats what i do when i die and need to recover my stuff
  17. Ran, He is saying he lost 16,000 RUPEES, As in the currency. Which is a glitch.
  18. mmmm nope? read the OP again

    never heard of rupees glitches... as they actually "doesnt exist"
  19. i lost 16,000 rupees in the wild just because some creeper sneaked up on me

    I have read it.
  20. yes you did....