smp7 Massive Scavenger Hunt

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Is an smp7 scavenger hunt something you'd want to participate in?

Yes 7 vote(s) 63.6%
Yes, and I want to donate my residence 1 vote(s) 9.1%
No 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Where: Starts at 15112 (kindly donated by TheDrKupo)
    When: TBD, depends on when all the slots get filled
    What: Giant scavenger hunt on smp7, covering over 15 residences
    Why: Prizes! 1st Place - 1,000r, 3 diamonds, and a lvl 30 diamond pick
    2nd Place - 250r, 2 diamonds, and a lvl 30 diamond pick
    3rd Place - 100r, 1 diamond, and a Power 1 bow
    (If you'd like the prizes to be bigger, donations would be great)

    This will be a very large scavenger hunt across 15 residences, plus the start and finish. On each residence, there will be a hidden access everyone sign, which will have "smp7 Scavenger" written on the fourth line. Inside this chest will be a wool token. Each participant will have to find the chest, take ONE of the wool tokens, and then progress to the next residence, which will be given on a sign above each chest. On the final residence, which will be mine, there will be seven access everyone chests, each containing a different color of wool dye. The first three people to get all of the tokens, make it back to the starting residence, and be able to correctly answer a test question (possibly about where they found the orange wool token hint hint) will receive prizes. In doing this, participants will get to take a kind of tour of smp7, and people who volunteer their residence will get advertising.

    We need people to volunteer their residence for this to happen! Please PM me if your willing

    Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and do this, so if you would like to volunteer your residence as a destination in the scavenger hunt, please PM me, and don't post it on the forum (I don't want people to know which residences are participating). Currently, theres 15 slots. I will post the date, time, and starting location when I get it figured out.

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  2. I had considered doing something like this except in the Wild. It sounds like fun. Would it be done like a race where you start many people at the same time, or more like puzzle a single player could work through on their own?
  3. Ill give my Res its on smp3 ill make a drop party room
  4. Pab, I was thinking like the first time it could be a big competition race, but then we could leave it there so that people could do it whenever they wanted as well.
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  5. So in the town or in the wild
  6. it would be in the town on smp7
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  7. Sounds fun.
  8. Bump
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  9. :mad:
  10. Sounds like fun :)

    My recommendation is to put some other indicator word on the 4th line (Just so they know it is part of the contest)
  11. I can do 4 res' on SMP4
  12. It's on smp7, not 4.
    I made that mistake earlier lol.
  13. he should do a whole EMC one!
  14. Why not?
    Maybe you could do one for smp4?
    Probably best to see if it's alright with him first, though.
  15. It would be cool if people organized scavenger hunts on all the servers, but at least for this first one, I'm gonna just do smp7, because I think it would be a pain to have to put your tokens in the Vault, log out and then log into a different server to continue. So, just smp7 this time guys.
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  16. I'm a little confused, what do you mean?
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  17. Just something like this -

  18. I think one of your brothers got caught in the picture!Why is IcC swimming in a swamp?