SMP7 griefing

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  1. A player used lava and water to create a large cobblestone structure in the waste. It is obnoxious and annoying but not sure it is against the rules? Are we allowed to take it down? There are many of us who work hard to keep the waste on SMP7 nice for other players.

    Worse, the same player just did the some in the frontier! (Frontier W, east exit). I am really upset about it!! I had just, as in just days ago, finished doing some restoration work to an elaborate structure there that had been griefed in communciation with the original builder. Now it is covered in large amounts of cobblestone!! Staff were looking at it tonight but the player hasn't been banned, I don't understand why not? Surely we are permitted to remove the cobblestone that is everywhere? Even then, it is going to take some time as it is from the build limit! Can staff remove it with editing or will players have to do it?
  2. Already spoken to you ingame but fyi it's always best to /report rather than making a thread :)
  3. I did report it too. Thanks for your help yesterday breaking all those blocks! :)
  4. I see SS took down the wall in the frontier. I think I got rid of the last of the cobble on the ground and over structures, so hopefully that is the frontier mess all fixed up.
  5. The player has been temp banned. Since he comes and goes, I hope he knows it.

    The wall in Waste North has not been removed. Since it is not protected blocks, it is okay for us to chop through - as I was told by staff when it was inspected last night.
  6. This happened on SMP1 near the frontier spawn that the Stream Base is located a while back...

    Why would I not be surprised if this was the same player? :confused:
  7. I did wonder how a temp ban works - do players get a message telling them why and warning them not to do it again?

    If they've done it before in frontier on SMP1 then surely they are a repeat offender and should be permanently banned? Assuming the same person.

    I am very nervous that it will happen again. I don't fancy having to spend another 2-3 hours breaking blocks :( Not only that, the lava and/or water washed away a lot of stuff - torches, flowers, etc (in frontier).
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