SMP7 Good samaritan award!

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Who will win this award?

Poll closed Jun 1, 2015.
samsimx- helps new players, helps build team 13 vote(s) 52.0%
JesusPower2- helps new players, helps community 7 vote(s) 28.0%
ww2fan168- helps new players, takes time out to help community 5 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. Hey, I notice that every month, I think, there is a good Samaritans award for simp only... now I want to bring this to smp7!
    In the poll is the participants I will of corse vote for myself just like most others will also do, but I think this would be a fun event!
    Winner gets whatever people donate at /v 14599 on smp7, staff are in polls. New thread will be made every month.
  2. can i run for this award
  3. Smp7 only :(, will expand to all smp's later on in time tho
  4. Wait you make an appreciation award and you put yourself in the entries and also vote for yourself? That's not exactly how these things work...
  5. Its like presidential elections, a president will vote fir himself. Its common sence really. You can vote for whoever you want, just did this so people can Have some fun :)
  6. Were there nominations? Or did you select the people yourself? If you did... You missed a whole lot of people.
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  7. I went to about 5 people and asked, they didn't know so I chose based off what everyone has done, I honestly chose who helped community of smp7 the most, and I do help smp7 a lot but I honestly don't think I will win.
  8. you chose 3 people randomly
    like how can this even be for all smp7
    i can name easily a lot of people who help a lot
    edit: not that the guys you chose aren't good ;)
  9. I think my name should be removed from this :p
  10. lol, naw you deserve it =P
  11. I have to agree with what lots of people said above.

    In the original GSA (Good Samaritan Award) there were lots of people who nominated other people who they think deserve the award. The community decides who the real Good Samaritan is. Not the host. Basically, what I'm trying to get at here is as follows:

    Go ahead and do an SMP7 GSA award. You have the right to do that, and I have nothing against that. The only thing that I am against here is the fact that no one got a choice in who was nominated to receive the award. If you're going to do an award, I would suggest letting the people decide who they want to vote for, rather than having a poll that could be biased. (Not that I'm saying it is - it just has the potential to be)
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  12. I agree, just now noticing that, please forgive. Please don't be putting "Hateful" [ in quotes because its hateful on topic ] and just go and have fun... you where obviously interested in this event because you viewed it :p
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  13. i voted for you
  14. I donate stone slabs to the needy...
  15. Ill take em :p
  16. Closed per request of OP.
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