SMP7 Gift Box

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  1. On SMP7 I tomijo95 am having a gift box. This gift box is for SMP7 member only. On Christmas day I will give everyone a gift from the gift box. If some of you like you can donate to the gift. If you have something you wish for that's on EMC leave me a letter with your name on it and I will see if Santa can get it for you. Please help me I would much appreciate it. Thank you very much!!!:) All this can be left in the donation box in the Mini Mall. If you have any question please leave a response. Thank you and have a good day. :)
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  2. I will make it my mission to drop off a gift. As one of Santa's reindeer, I feel obligated too!

    Thank you for being a great person!
  3. Aww Thank You that means so much that your willing to help. And your a great person just for helping. when you visit leave Santa a letter of a gift you want and since you help me I'll make sure you get it. That will be my mission. I am will only allow a few people from different servers to get a gift but I cant aloud everyone because I wouldn't have enough gifts sadly. Thank You So Much Again.:)
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  4. Woot, SMP7 members represent!
    I'll have to think of something I'd really want. :)
  5. You don't seem to be bumping this. :)
  6. I recently put my letter in, and am planning to donate some diamonds! :)