[SMP7 Frontier] Strange Decks...?

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by FadedMartian2, Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. Hey EMC!

    I have been building in the SMP7 Frontier, west of the main spawn, and while in game, I have came upon these.

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the owner(s), as I wish to either put them up to good use, or demolish them. (I haven't decided yet.) I have noticed that they haven't been changed/modified in the last two years, and I was wondering if the owner is no longer a part of EMC or was banned, could I take ownership of them?

    Thank you for helping!

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  2. demolishing them would be considered griefing
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  3. Not unless he gets permission
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  4. what i meant was, modification is not exactly considered griefing without permission (it is but kind of depends how you modify it) demolition without permission however is always considered griefing
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  5. How would you make use out of it?
  6. I've been there also. The desert area to the north was reset not too long ago (1.7?) so it may be newer than you think. I have noticed that people have been using it as a bridge to the islands to the West(You evidently), but it doesn't appear that that was what it was originally meant for since it is much wider and not shaped like a normal bridge.

    There is also similar construction along the south side of the Spawn area so if it is a player you might find Locked chests that will help answer your question down there.

    I was originally thinking it was tied to the Bedrock tower to the northeast, maybe an experiment with World Edit or something, but because of the bridges at the south edge, I'm leaning towards a player building it. If it were up to me I would expect you to at least leave anything that is being used as a bridge or build a better one.
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  7. I would never do anything to it, without permission first. :eek:

    The "docks" are not new. I have been observing the area since I moved to SMP7 a while ago (almost a year and a half now), and they been there since I moved to 7. As for people using it as a bridge, I would keep part of it (slightly modified to fit the style of my town near by) for the use of a bridge.
  8. Could I please get some input from some Senior Staff or Admins? I would like to make sure I don't do anything against the rules. :)
  9. i think if you keep the materials used in its construction in a locked chest with a sign saying to pm if its yours and you keep the same pathway (or make it prettier) you should be fine. id still wait on permission from a staff tho maybe pm some of them with the link to this
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  10. What do you mean by "keep the materials used in its construction in a locked chest"?
  11. like whatever you are taking down keep in a locked chest so if someone (banned or not) comes knocking and can prove its theres you have it safe and ready for them. I would also suggest leaving signs up everywhere on the bridge asking who constructed it as many payers still dont use forums. leave those signs up a while and if noone bites then i dont think anyone will complain

    edit: again tho make sure some staff comment on this
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  12. It was created 6 months ago by Crazy_Beggar. Ask him for permission to use. You would be best asking in game as they have not been on the forum for a while.
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  13. Thank you so much. :)
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