[SMP7] Four Stone Casino

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  1. The Four Stone Casino
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    Chance and Winning
    Each gambling machine has a multiplier of x4. You have a 1/8 chance to win every time you take a chance and you can bet the following amounts to get their respective rewards.
    10r > 40r
    25r > 100r
    100r > 400r
    250r > 1,000r
    1000r > 4,000r
    2500r > 10,000r
    10000r > 40,000r
    25000r > 100,000r

    There are two of the same types of casinos per wall and each have their buy/sell inside the machine for ease of playing. When you enter a room, you may close the iron door behind you for more privacy.

    This casino is unlike any others I have seen of its kind. This casino is 100% automated and you may explore the redstone work underneath with the location "tech". If you want to explore what is in the dispensers, hoppers, and whatnot, then /togglepreview to check out the contents. Feel free to use the design and make your own casino!

    If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact me on the forums!
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