smp7 farm shop and shop list(shop list includes other smp's)

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Right when I joined I made a farm shop, later a shop list, and a little time ago I featured it in my signature. But now, I decided to make a thread about it. I try to get cheap prices for everyone, so when something is too expensive, just tell!

    My residence is on smp7, res number 15250.

    2013-08-04_13.25.26.png What I have is a shop, selling renewable supplies like wheat, paper, cocoa beans. Also I'm hosting a shop list, when you think you have a decent/good/formidable shop, and plan on keeping it running for pretty long, you can tell me in-game, on the forums or throw a renamed item with the res number/book with res number+little information in the hopper.

    This thread is mainly for getting to know more shops that I can feature, and adjusting prices of the shop just right.

    So, first, the shop. This is the list of things I sell: Please tell me when something is too expensive.
    Item Quantity Price
    Seeds 28 B 2, 56 B 4
    Cactus 32 B 10, 64 B 20
    Sugar Cane 64 B 6 , 128 B 12
    Melon Seeds 18 B 1, 36 B 2
    Melon 16 B 1, 32 B 2
    Potato 32 B 7, 64 B 14
    Carrot 32 B 8, 64 B 16
    Raw Pork 8 B 24
    Baked Potato 32 B 8
    Cooked Beef 16 B 8
    Wheat 16 B 2, 32 B 4
    Pumpkin 8 B 3
    Paper 64 B 5, 128 B 10
    Cocoa Beans 32 B 8, 64 B 16
    Green Dye 32 B 9
    Sugar 64 B 4 128 B 8
    Leather 8 B 55
    Cow egg 1 B 8

    2013-08-04_13.24.47.png At the shop list you have: the residence number, dark green for smp7 only enchanting shop, light green for only enchanting shop on other smp, dark red for normal shop on smp7, light red for normal shop on other smp, dark blue for both enchanting and normal items shop on smp7, light blue for a shop with both enchanting and normal items on an other smp. White for horse shop on smp7, light gray for horse shop on other smp. Dark pink for any other combination of those three on smp7, light pink for any other combination of those three on other smp.
    Under the residence number there is room for information about the shop, wich will contain things like "buy/sell shop" and such, and under that there's room for two additional signs with extra information.

    You can also do /v 607 farm to see my farm itself.
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  2. Cocoa beans are now 8r for 32.
  3. Awesome! I'll drop by sometime! :)
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  4. Added two horse shops, when I get to know more I'll add them too.:)
  5. Very cool, I'll have to walk over neighbor :) Could I get you to add my shop to your list? 14859, just sells, has enchants and normal.
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  6. I added Baked Potatos to the stock(looking for a DC of coal currently, to bake more) 32 Baked Potatos for 8 rupees.
  7. You can now buy 8 leather for the price of 55 rupees at my shop.
  8. From now on I'm selling 16 cooked beef for 8 rupees.
  9. I set up a platform for dark oak trees. When 1.7 is here, please tell if you know a shop who is selling the new saplings, so I can add them to the shop list and buy them myself for farming. I don't know if I'll create a chest shop fast, so when you want to order dark oak just say it here, pm me or tell me in-game.
  10. Set up the acacia tree platform too, so when 1.7 goes live I hope I can get some saplings fast and get started! ;)
  11. Found an awesome acacia spot:D When you want to buy it, ask me. When you want me to set up a chest shop for everyone to use, please suggest a good price
  12. Made a new nice little signature featuring this, cause the old one was kinda big. I also cleaned up the OP a little bit by adjusting wrong fonts, missing commas and such.
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  13. Thanks to NZScruffy, found a lot of new shops. Went through them all and added the best ones to the list, even had to get more snow and expand a little bit;)
  14. You might want to remove information for my shop, as I do not have enchanted books store anymore and not planning to have one in the nearest future :) It is the sign with res #7099.
  15. Well, I am pretty sure I removed that long ago. Did you check it? I am sorry if the sign is still there.
  16. Yep, I checked it right before posting here :)
  17. I'm sorry, I removed it now :oops:

    My wheat got bought completely out of stock this night, so I am restocking and also lowered the price for seeds to 2 rupees for 28 seeds or 4 rupees for 56 seeds.
  18. Wow, so many things were out of stock :eek: I replaced the pig eggs with cow eggs.
  19. Sugar is now 4 for 64 or 8 rupees for 128.
  20. Actually a good way to cook things without having to check it all the time is by putting in a Lava Bucket which cooks 100 items.