SMP7 Enchanted Diamond Pick For Sale

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  1. hi selling a brand new diamond pick with

    Efficiency IV and Silk Touch I

    looking for around 12500

    reply here or pm in game on smp7
  2. Accually I want that pickaxe but i didn't got enough...
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  3. also selling diamond sword with smite II asking SOLD
  4. items still for sale in a chest on my res in smp7
  5. if not i will buy the silk touch for 3000
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  6. it a pick with 2 enchants efficiency 4 and silk touch
  7. What lvl did u enchant it at?
  8. 47 i think
  9. Cool I'll try it!
  10. still selling. will lower it to 12000 if someone will pay that for it
  11. now selling it for 11500 in a chest on my res in smp7
  12. Hmm, im going to wait until the price drops :D
  13. what price you looking at paying?
  14. I will pay 10k
  15. Since it has Eff IV it destroys the fact that it is Silk Touch so ...... 7k?
  16. terr go to my res its in a chest
  17. price is now set at 11000
  18. why? because it mines blocks faster?
  19. Indeed, but it lasts for a shorter period of time and u want a silktouch pick to last.
  20. umm, efficiency doesnt decrease the number of uses a tool has, only increases the speed at which you use it, you become more "efficient" at swinging it, thus blocks are mined faster