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  1. Hi as some may remember I reset my mall on smp6, well I have opened a small shop next to the pvp arena's I will be adding more items in time. For now though feel free to use it, only sell items apart from wool which I am only buying.

    Items on sale
    Slime heads
    Blaze rods
    Cooked beef
    gravel and a few other items

    one on smp6 do /v +st
    This will take you to the shop vault will cost you 10r each way unless you have 5 or more /vault pages
  2. Added some enchanted Items
    shovels Unb 3 Eff IV
    pickaxes Unb 3 Eff 3
  3. I have moved my shop to a new location on my main res and for some unknown reason when I make the tag /v +st it is taking ppl to the main res home area or at least that is where it takes me. So until I can get this sorted pls use
    /v 13131 shop

    Also more items added!
  4. Where is the pvp arena? I thought there was no pvp on the empire
  5. I have moved my shop from there now, and it is the only place you can play pvp, when you get to smp6 just do /v pvp or /pvp its one of them
  6. More items now in the shop, /v 13131 will take you there on smp6

    I have some enchanted items shovels and picks also some swords
    2 x swords - Unb III - Sharpness V - Looting III - Fireaspect II - Knockback II

    and a few others I may add in there.
  7. going to a res via a tag like +st will take you always to the main res spawn. using /v +st shop would probably work though(havent tested tags mixed with locations yet)
  8. Yeah I was getting mixed up with them
  9. Added more items come take a look /v 13131 smp6
  10. You cannot combine locations with tags.

    However either of these will do the same thing:
    /v 13131 shop
    /v 13131@shop

    @Silken: Is this shop going to be a permanent feature, always stocked, always selling?
    If so, I can add it to my shops/malls thread.
  11. It was before I reset some months ago :) I will rebuild my mall as it is a source of income for players. I am still building up stock, I will continue to add to the shop as I can.
  12. When I am done most of my main builds, I will be glad to build you a mall if you want, Just let me know.

    **Don't kill me and take over The Empire Finch Inc :p **