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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by louiskw, May 24, 2012.

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  1. So, you think youve got the best looking most accessible shop with a nice atmosphere? Join this competition after reading the terms:

    On application:
    400r must be paid to louiskw 50r refundable

    If you win:
    You get the pot ( 350xThe amount of entrees)
    A portal from each shop entered leading to yours (2 weeks maximum)
    Fame and fortune (not really)

    Runners up (2):
    A portal from each shop entered leading to yours (2 weeks maximum)

    If you don't win:
    You must provide 3 portals for the winner and runners up
    Recieve 50r refund after you have made the necessary portals
    Change your shop so you can win next time :D

    Basically this is to find out the greatest shops in SMP6, hence the small prize money.
    Submit entrees in the comments like this:

    Res(name or number):
    I have read and agree to the t&c's (yes or no):

    The winners will be made in 2 weeks time. I am still deciding on a voting system. This post will be updated with people that have paid.
  2. Lolyeahno.
  3. when i saw this thread i was thinking porno store lol.
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  4. If you read the whole thing, you would have understood that I dont take a penny from this. Its just to get rid of all the dirt stores and donation noobs
  5. I'll win this without even entering or having a shop on any smp.
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  6. i wouldn't pay that much rupees for entering a contest... that is very very stupid. you enter contests to win, not to pay and lose. this seems like a way to jip everyone from their money.. i mean... rupees ;)

    i think that is a screaming lie, dirt stores and donation noobs? ... how don't you get the rupees from it? we pay YOU 400, and only get 50 back if we lose? and if we win we get a stupid portal to our store?i'm pretty sure a diamond supporter with a huge store, with thousands upon thousands of rupees wouldn't fall for this.
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  7. 2 things:
    I only ask 400r, im sure that will dent your "thousands upon thousands"

    And also this is a competition simply to see who has the best store. If you can't see past the fact that this may be the only competition in which you don't win 100k then you should leave EMC. I am simply substituting the prize money with something that I feel suits the competition more. A portal.

    Im sorry mr rich diamond supporter who has a mega store with millions or rupees. But some things are not about money
  8. then WHY do you want 400r for an entry........
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  9. You are holding a shop contest on a economy based server.
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  10. DING DING DING we have a winner!
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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  11. Who are you to tell someone to leave EMC?
  12. So that there is some incentive and also to maintain quality throughout the applications
  13. MORE incentive? that makes me want to grab my rupees and run the other way... paying my way into a competition is like, paying for 4000 diamonds and only getting 2. that is sure a deal alright!
  14. Not quite sure what the example is meant to mean but as I said: 400r is not so much that its russian roulette.
  15. it is to someone who gets 100r a day and wants a fast way to rip people off.

    how do you NOT get it... you pay mr.bob 6,000 rupees for 10 stacks of diamonds, and he only gives you 1 stack. or do i have to dumb it down ever more?
  16. I have 45k. I am sorry if I gave you the impression that I was a con man but I am in no way after your piles and piles of utopian money. I simply wanted to run a friendly competition in which stores participate. I don't take a penny of any money that i handle during the course of this competition. If you arn't gonna enter (which you can't because ur utopia) then could you leave this thread.

  17. Whos she to tell me i rip people off?
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