smp6 randomizing labyrinth builder

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  1. i need someone skilled in Redstone to build a randomizing labyrinth that takes a emerald as payment into the system kind of like this one

    on smp6 res #13247
    i can pay up to 10k rupees on this i can supply a lot of Redstone and can pay up to 10k in rescourses when needed.
  2. 2k is way too low for something of this scale and complexity. Consider upping it to 5k or 10k
  3. I will i just dont have the rupees at the moment but im willing to pay a hefty price for it i would just need time to pay
  4. Find someone to build it and I'll finance you.
  5. Question is how much or what u want in return lol im thankful and willing to take the help.
  6. Ive updated prices on everything 10k for the build and 10k in rescources when needed
  7. so this is pretty simple redstone wise to make, literally just put a randomiser on every doorway and feed the redstone up to the payment center. the problem would be actually building the labyrinthe itself which would be super labour intensive. id advise building the labyrinthe yourself and just leaving space for the randomisers on the doors (needs about a 6X1 area leading to the door redstone as well as a way to feed it up)

  8. That woulld work i still need a redstone builder to help lol
  9. The job is still open if you would like to do it. 10k for building and up to 10k for needed materials.
  10. Still up if anyone wants it.
  11. I haventt gotten any offers to do the job im still hiring.
  12. Try asking The_D1rt_Lord to build it for you. He has a redstone thread here.
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