SMP6 Public Wool Farms

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  1. Hi and welcome to SMP6 Public wool farms.

    Wool is an easy to farm block yet so few ppl ever farm it, it is also the easiest way to earn rupees for those that are not so fond of going out into the wild. So I thought I would put the area around my mall to some use and build a public sheep shearing farm or farms as all 12 coloured sheep are based on 4 separate residences.

    Once your at the main sheep farm res which is /v 12999 the walls around you will indicate the colour of sheep there. Teleports have been provided to take you to the sheep, if the colour your looking for is not on that res the teleport will take you to the res that they are on just press the teleport button again that will then take you to the sheep.

    I have also set you a chest shop for shears if you need them and a wool shop to sell the wool to me but you are free to keep the wool and sell it from your own shop if that is what you want to do.

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  2. I like the idea of more wool shearing places. :D
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  3. I agree, there is always a need.