smp6 - Mooshroom Valley

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  1. Hello everyone! I'd like to inform you about my smp6 wild outpost.

    If you would like to join, please ask me in the comments please. I don't want too many people to join I just want a variety of good builders and people with good redstone techniques. I will invite you to my conversation after you have asked. I also want about 5-12 people to join. Thank you!

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  2. I would join and my home server is smp6 but I'm in the process of setting up my personal wild base with dual grinder sorry.
  3. It's fine.
  4. I would like to join, though I am not the best builder.
    This looks like it would be a good wild base, and I haven't joined many.
  5. I will join. If you want me :D
  6. I want to join. I am a average red stoner. I think it would be exciting to live in a mushroom biome!
  7. Mushroom biome? Like it, I would like to find my way there. I like building...with mushrooms.
  8. Awesome! I'll start a conversation with co-ords and hopefully we'll get more people!
  9. Sweet! That's a yes by the way :p
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  10. Wait, I'll start a conv with co-ords.
  11. :D
  12. No PM Yet...
  13. Can I come please? Im pretty good at redstone and okay builder, Ill bring whatever you need for me to bring :)
  14. I likes teh mushrooms, and I would LOVE to join! Thanks Star!
  15. You're in conversation now.
  16. Ok, Thanks.
  17. I'll join, I'm a decent builder and my brother can help me with some redstone stuff.
  18. Ok.
  19. Simple and concise.
  20. Not going to join but, I find it funny that people are starting to have pony pictures. That and people like mushroom islands as outposts.