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  1. Aparently smp6 is going to open earlier for diamond suporters so i guess it's their turn to get the egg...
    Now that i was finally prepared to kill that dragon!
  2. There is no egg or dragon on smp6, just like smp5.
  3. oh...
    but why is this witch hunt on eggs?
  4. What do you mean by "witch hunt", there's typically no way to achieve the ender egg besides killing the dragon and Justin wont probably release the dragon until he finds a way to efficiently spawn a new ender dragon.
  5. i was kinda upset since i was the first there besides the mods but i under stand :)
  6. The moderators must've had fun standing on those obsidian pillars until the dragon got near enough and hit the floating algorithm thing XD
  7. lol did you become diamond supporter for the smp6? wanna gimme diamond? :p
  8. any ideas yet?... * crosses fingers and prays*
  9. do u mean diamonds like the thing found in mines or ?, also it was the breaking point i have wanted to get diamond for a little while since this is the only server i have been on in the past 2 years hmmm maybe 3 where the mods aren't corrupt and the griefing is as low as it can be right now, also its amazing how everything work like the leader board and the cross xp and the vault it amazes me :)
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  10. As Justin mentioned, we'll have to wait until we can effectively do dragon resets, so we don't have dragon egg drama like we did in the past. Give it time, you know how the Empire works...we only release things when we know it can be done perfectly. :)
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  11. Has there been any tests on ideas yet though?
  12. Yeah, at the rate EMC is growing and making new servers, there might be so many eggs, they won't be as rare anymore. Besides, I think it'd be fun to have a literal "Egg Hunt" on Easter or something.
  13. Yeah.... :)
  14. When it happens with the dragons respawning i would like it if the dragon wa at least 3x as hard
  15. Uh, youll have to ask notch about that buddy...
  16. ... i was saying if possible it would be nice if gamekrib and the others could increase the difficulty
  17. I like normal difficulty it means there are more mobs and more mobs more XP
  18. i mean for the dragon just to try making them semi rare
  19. Speaking of eggs... 103 on smp1 is currently a temp. home for the smp1 egg... come bow to it... before it disappears to some strange place on smp5