smp6 drop party on the 6th!

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will you be there?

pssssh yeah buddy 36 vote(s) 87.8%
no mang :( 5 vote(s) 12.2%
  1. bitemenow15's drop party room is about to have its grand opening. TONS of items will be dropped including about a dc of emc special items like marlix gear, momentus toothpick and other rares. Superval_junior will also be dropping things as well as anyone who wants to help out.

    the party will be on 12002 and start at 1800 (6pm) EST
    to find out what that will be for all you other non est folks go here:

    this party is expected to be a lag fest so put some extra coins in your internet engine or hire extra hamsters.
  2. I'll be there! ;)
  3. You've worked a long time on this, and I always love to support people in my projects. But I gotta say, supporting dreams is ten times more fun when you get free stuff. :) I'll be there!
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  4. How about instead of hamsters, we hire pigs :)

    Ill be there doe.
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  5. Yay, and its one on my home server.
  6. Yes, that way, once the pigs have finished we can eat them. Hamsta steaks be muy pequeño.
  7. bumpin!
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  8. can i drop things too?
  9. As always late for GMT players...Another good thing I miss like everything... :(
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  10. Nooo, I can't make it.....
  11. indeed you can
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  12. Solution:

    Protest to your government to make it EST and not GMT or you could just move over here... ;D

    Yea it sucks you guy's time is so off from ours lol, then again when you guys host events most of the Americans cant come ;)
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  13. Yeah but the majority of EMC are Americans but there is A lot if UK people. So nearly all events are held by Americans then all the times are like 11-12pm or later. :( As for movin I ain't got the cash but would if I could :D
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  14. time machines are cheap :)
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  15. It is only 11 Pm GMT :p I can make that easy..

    Hope to make it bite!
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  16. DC of EMC Items? I am absolutely coming!
  17. I have to come to this :D
  18. Yeah but a lot of people have to go to sleep.
  19. At 11? Guess I am a bad man ting :cool:
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  20. late bump for the laters