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    Please disregard all of the information below.
    3-9, haven't gotten in on the bookstore fun yet. SMP6 is getting it's own bookstore, like a big boy! I am currently working on the SMP6 bookstore, at 12251. Now complete!

    Some of you might be scratching your heads wondering what this means. To put it rather simply, if you have a book you wrote, and you need some rupees, you contact me. You either sell me the rights to sell the book, and I keep all profits, or we can set up a royalty system, in which you receive a cut of all profits made from the book. All of this is negotiable.
    2: Books On Sale!
    -Bedrock: Part 1 SparerToaster
    -The Wise Cat Xxnhlsniper99xX
    -Location Unknown Creeperslayer002
    -Occupation: Part 1 eyewillkillu
    3: Other Sever Delivery!
    Now, I have an incentive for those on other SMP's! For an additional 20R for book, I'll deliver the book directly to your res. Note you can't carry written books through your vault. Just post what books you want, and I'll have them in no time!


    I hope this bookstore brings 1.3's great new feature into the hands (and other miscellaneous appendages) of the players on SMP6. If your intrested in negotiating selling rights, PM me. If you have any questions, suggestions, or whatever. Please post. Remember, these will be your reactions once you buy a book:
  2. Bump, also I set up a chest for buying Books and Quills. You can sell them 2 for 20R. The chest is right in front of you when you come in through the teleporter in the front of my shop. Remember 12251.
  3. The Wise Cat by Xxnhlsniper99xX is now for sale! Contact me at the SMP6 Bookstore for a copy! Only 35R!
  4. What is your best selling?
  5. The Wise Cat was the best selling, but it was sold at peak time. Bedrock Part 1 is a much more substantial read, but it's easy to afford all 3, at 110R.
  6. Can I read part of them first?
  7. Sorry, I can't risk it. I'm afraid somebody will try to steal them. Besides, The Wise Cat and Location Unknown are only 7 pages. Bedrock: Part 1 is 39 pages. I can assure you these books are quality, as all books sold at the store are judged and critiqued before being sold.
  8. AlexHallon is setting up a bookstore on SMP3 and i'm planning to set one up too.
  9. Bring a copy of Bedrock Part 1 to smp3 and write it and I'll buy it.
  10. Sure thing! That'll come to 60R.
    Delivery Status: COMPLETE!
  11. Yea gimme an hour or so :p
  12. I can sell you some rare books written by Icecreamcow
  13. SparerToaster can you send all 3 to smp1 at 2410 i will be making an access chest for you so you can deposit it :)
    Also i can donate 1k
  14. If you look at my signature The cow shan't be writing any more :p
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  15. I probably can't afford them...
    Okay, I'll get them to you sometime today.
  16. 25k each?
  17. A single book costs more then all my savings. I'll decline for now.

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  18. Ok just made an access chest drop it off sometime thx then i'll pay you
  19. I Can Sell You The 1sT Ever Signed Book From Icecreamcow. It was a Game to Find Icecreamcow and Get a Sign From him. Once I won I had to Show JackBiggin , He gave me 9,001 Rupees For Getting the 1st Ever Book. I Can Sell For a High Price :)
  20. Also Max R0bbieJo and BigDavie! :D I Love Max's Comment. I Hope you Taste Good in Milk :D