Smp6 Block Lag?

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  1. So I was just getting playing on smp6 and I was getting a fair amount of block lag. Was wondering if anyone else was getting this?
  2. Check the /tps

    And I am getting mob lag.

    EDIT: And block lag... just lag in general.
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  3. Yep getting this in smp7 too, block lag, I see players in one spot and BAM they are in another, also chat lag :/
  4. Good to know I'm not the only one.
  5. yeah getting it abit on utopia too where normally i dont lag much at all
  6. Almost all servers get the block lag if at least one has it. I call for a server reset! HERE HERE!
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  7. smp2 is just dreadful >.> looks like i'm not gonna be starting on me project D:
  8. Pros and Cons I experienced because of this lag

    I now have another one of my head

    Lag made me die 5 times
    Lost a nice sword somewhere in the SMP2 waste, Northeast in the desert.
    Lost an enraged zombie because the lag was too bad.
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  9. yep utopia is bad block lag, having to wait every few literally seconds for the blocks to catch while mining
  10. same on smp3, block lag, mob lag, chest lag and ... those pants don't want to be wear, rolling back in my inventory! :eek:
  11. SMP8 is having huge issues, 5 second delay, TPS is stuck at 20.
  12. restarted bungee. going to try to finish up migrating that for now.

    Actually, feel free to connect to instead and see if its better, but the online count will not be shared.
  13. Still getting pretty bad block lag with and regular