SMP6 - 1000R "Vouchers" - "Treasure Hunt"

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  1. I have "hidden" 10 chests on SMP6.

    Each chest contains a signed book with 1000R written inside.
    The title of each book is a unique code.

    The chests are hidden in visible areas, and require no digging to obtain. They are all within 500 blocks of the main frontier spawn point.

    If you find one, or many, PM me for payment in game or via the site. Include the code and coordinates where you found the chest. Feel free to keep the signed book as well.
    [EDIT] You MUST keep the book - if you don't want a signed book from staff, I'll take it back :D

    If this goes well I may increase the value, amount of chests...and of course the size of the area in which they are hidden :D
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  2. which residence?
  3. dont worry i didnt read it properly
  4. they are so hard to find!
  5. I wish I could participate :(
  6. Got 3 and gave 1 away.
  7. I just want the book
  8. So far I only know of 3 chests found and know for sure 6 are still to be found, the last chest I have not discovered so it might already be looted.
    [edit- biscuitboy5396 may have found one of the 6]
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  9. Darn, found one that was already opened

    Edit: Found two :p
  10. First of all, do you give any hints? second of all, 500? thats a little bit harsh :p but im up for the challlenge, even though ive already been searching for like 20 min :3
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  11. i searched for quite some time time too found one that had already been opened lol
  12. There were several empty chests already in the area.
  13. are there still 5 or 6 chests left unfound ?
  14. 4 at most.
  15. :D Once everyone claims them, I'll let you all know here.

    I did not mark the chests visibly, so it is quite possible that those chests were already there :p
  16. Bonzd67, tell me when they increase in ®rupees®
  17. Well, I've only paid out 3 so far... So there are still 7 out there :p