SMP5 Wild Outpost

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  1. Hey guys i am making a small outpost a while from spawn i made it for mining but u can live there if u want. I haven't seen anything that would show that someone has been here there. If u wanna come out here pm me. There is already sheep a mine a garden and snow ball makers :D so all u need to bring is some dirt to help build the slab to make your house and some tools if u want.
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  2. Great idea! You never know what might happen. It could exceed your wildest imagination.
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  3. I hope it dose so far its just me and my stack of diamonds i have mined
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  4. I hope you keep a locked chest. :eek:
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  5. yes i do lol
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  6. i would join but smp5 is my home server...
  7. I will be taking trips to town and back to the outpost every 2 days if someone wants to come along then you are welcome to.
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  8. It may be helpful to know what time zone you are in, if people want to meet up with you.
  9. Do you mean the one just outside of Main Spawn?
  10. No that's another one that I used to live at mine is much more tiny and a little while from spawn. Also I'm in the US Eastern time zone so it's 3:11pm when I post this. When I come to town and leave I'll put a post up saying what time I'll be leaving.
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