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  1. Looking to have my base "Slacker" established on smp5.

    Far as I can tell, there is nothing around my base for many Minecraft miles. At least nothing visible. And I have a locked chest in/around the center of the base.

    Right now it's just a small group of us working on it whenever we can, but look to start recruiting in the coming months after building it up.
  2. interesting. good luck to you. id offer my assistance but i prefer to stay in town on smp5
  3. Who wants to help level/build our area for Slacker? For just 2 of us working on it (myself and breakNbones), we have quite a bit already done.

    We are building towers to surround the island that is Slacker, and laying out 20x20 plots in the "town" area. This involves a lot of leveling the terrain, filling in lakes, ponds, holes, etc. We have all the numbers that you'll need to help with building the towers (width & height), plot size, sidewalks, and more. Once we have all that done, we can start building the town square, decorating, maybe adding a few buildings, etc.

    All those who help out with the construction of Slacker, will get first choice of their own plot, free use of our combined zombie/skeleton xp grinder, and their name on the Slacker Founded/Built By memorial in the center of town.

    A leveling/build party will be this Sunday (July 13) around 4pm EST (1pm PST, 2pm MST, 3pm CST. Other countries, just look up your time zone and +/- from EST). If you want to help out, say so in this thread and I'll pm you the coordinates.

    Only a few requirements while working on Slacker:
    1.) Hide yourself on the map. We want to build it all up first before opening it up to the general public.
    2.) Do not give out the cords to anyone that isn't signed up to work on Slacker. If you are unsure, ask me or check this thread for their name.
    3.) You may take screenshots during/after the build, but do not post them. You can send them to me and I'll add them to the official opening thread for Slacker when it goes public.
    4.) If you grief, you will be reported.
    5.) Have fun!
  4. An additional perk for those that help:

    You'll all be added to the group, so any/all special mobs will accumulate tokens for you, no matter who kills it.
  5. why did you pick the name slacker? just curious...
  6. It's a throwback to our old server that we owned, SlackerCraft. It's offline permanently now, so I'm not advertising.
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  7. Any takers?
  8. How many blocks is a mile?
  9. 1609.34 :D
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  10. Hey Gootch,

    I'd like to come and help out. I can also make crop/animal farms for you too. (if needed or expanded).

    Just PM me.
  11. I'd love to help you out gootch;D just pm me when im online and ill come and help;D
  12. I wunt to help out ;)
  13. If I ever actually see you logged on, I will lol
  14. haha i shall be on!:D
  15. I'm only reviving this thread to state that I, g00tch, have given full rights and ownership of the Slacker (A.K.A. Slackerville) outpost to VforVash.

    My claim chest has been removed, as well as all locked signs with my name on them.

    If any Admins have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact me, or VforVash.
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  16. It appears that this outpost was never claimed, possibly because it was in the wrong forum. I have removed the claim tag and if VforVash wants to try claiming then pls do so. Rules on how to claim are at the top of the wilderness forum and subforum, Establishment Requests Pending
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