[SMP5] Selling glowstone and wheat in bulk

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  1. Prices:

    08 stacks wheat - 160 (0.31r per wheat)
    16 stacks wheat - 300 (0.3r per wheat)
    24 stacks wheat - 425 (0.28r per wheat)

    01 stacks glowstone - 1152 (18r per block)
    03 stacks glowstone - 3400 (17.7r per block)
    06 stacks glowstone - 6528 (17r per block)
    08 stacks glowstone - 8448 (16.5r per block)

    Contact me via this thread.
    If you need it urgently you can buy it at lot 11458 on smp5, but it will be more expensive.
  2. Now selling in bulk too:


    I'm now updating the first post, if the prices aren't there... be patient.

    Never mind this, I will make a new thread for it.
  3. You can't do decimal sellings anymore (I think you all ready knew that though)
  4. Im buying all redstone for 0.5r each at 2195 on SMP1 (at spawn point)
  5. If u dont get a fast buyer, i will buy all ur wheat, glow redstone and coal(if price is decent) after i get off work. I get off at 6:30 CST, takes 5 to get home.

    Anything else u have avail in bulk?
  6. And nether rack if price is good
  7. Already got rid of it.
    Do have a load of coal and redstone.
    Im kinda busy at the moment... Will reply later.
  8. Going to work now anyways
  9. I'll buy a stack of glowstone - will contact you if we're on smp5 at the same time ;)
    EDIT: maybe 2 stacks, not too sure
  10. how many stack of glowstone u got? I wanna buy ALL
  11. Dear Everyone,

    I am out of glowstone at the moment, and very busy irl.
    There is a person in front of the line and you can place reservations by PMing me.
    I will get stock probaly next week, but don't get your hopes up.
  12. Not selling glowstone at all anymore.
  13. TY for your huge effort in getting glowstone anyways.

  14. Thanks, I sold over 3 double chests of glowstone in total. All gotten by myself.

    Consider this thread closed now. ;)
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