Minecart elevator materials needed:

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  1. Can be closed, got all materials thx guys.
  2. The materials smells alot like a youtube video btw - might as well give some credits.
  3. It is from a youtube video, i dunno exactly which one lol. But i would like to make one on my res. Plz only respond when you offer materials.
  4. Hello, all my glowstone is sold out. And 8 stacks are reserved. I'll see what I can do but it will probaly be by Monday that I can get your glowstone. :)
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  5. Sounds good.
  6. Wait what? You just bought my glowstone and you were the one that reserved 8 stacks. I am selling the OP 4 stacks of glowtone on Monday probaly. You can get your glowstone on Sunday I think. Why did you even reply? :p Im confused.
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  7. Mainly replying to show people that your word is good ;) And your a fine, fast and easy trader :)
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  8. Ah okay, just a miscommunication! :)
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  9. ohh wait.. This isnt your marketplace topic :D

    Holy heck - i was confused :D
  10. Come on people, back ontopic please.
  11. Rails at 1303 on smp1
  12. And iron ingots
  13. I have EXACTLY 55 rails. What is your offer?
  14. Glowstone, iron, ladders at 4421 SMP2 :)
  15. @iTiamo, how much do you ask, don't really have a clue how much a rail costs? lol I will offer you 3r per rail so that will be 165r total.
    @Alexchance, I wouldn't pay 27r per glowstone but your ladders were out of stock, I will make them myself soon i think.
    @Equinox, I'll visit yours as well. 1 rail for 4r
  16. Guys updated a little, gathered some resources.

    @iTiamo i am sorry, found rails already for 1.5 each so I couldn't resist buying.

    I only need 4 stacks of glowstone and 20 minecarts.
  17. Replying is easier. :)
    27r is the SMP2 price, give or take (will probably change because of reset). And are you sure? Sorry :)
  18. Yupz, in SMP4 the price for glowstone is about 20r normally.
  19. [quote="AlexChance']are you sure? Sorry :)[/quote]
    Talking about the ladders..
  20. I can sell you the Glowstone Monday or Tuesday, 17r per block. ;)
    4352r for 4 stacks.