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SMP5 Wants????

A Big Farm 3 vote(s) 37.5%
Wild Area 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Tree Farm 2 vote(s) 25.0%
Garden 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Ice, Woods, Wild, Wilderness Area?? 4 vote(s) 50.0%
Animal Farm 3 vote(s) 37.5%
A Farm House 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Windmill 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Other!! *Leave in comments* 3 vote(s) 37.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about something brand new I'm starting :)

    I'm starting a new smp5 Wild Res =) and I wanna build stuff the server needs!! It's on a Res, so you need to ask me for the item. Thats the only thing.

    Down below, you tell me what YOU want! But.. if none of those is what you want.. then leave a comment down below and tell me what you think is a good idea!

    But, here's a list of things I will build :):
    • Huge Farm
    • Tree Farm
    • Garden
    • Animal Farm
    • Farm House
    • Wind Mill
    Here's an idea of what all of them will look like :3

    Huge Farm:
    There will be all the seeds in Minecraft planted, with water running through it. There will be bone meal, and much more to take care of the plants.

    Tree Farm:
    All kinds of trees, and all kinds of saplings. Every single tree, and sapling kind will be planted. And, there will be a river running through it.

    The garden will have a lake, and flowers surrounding it. There will also be crops!

    Animal Farm:
    A farm filled of all of the Animals for the Empire Shop! <3 They're all in cages, and there will be flowers, and trees surrounding it.

    Also, I'll also be building in wilds/wastes! I'll build these things to help the wilds/wastes!:
    • Big Farm
    • Animal House
    • Windmill
    Also, just a reminder, poll is for both wastes/wild and my res on smp5.

    These will be the locations of the waste/wilds they will be build in:

    /waste ne (Right side)

    The location of the smp for waste ne is on smp4. That one is on smp4.

    If griefed; you will be talked too.

    Big Farm:
    A farm with animals, and crops. Surrounded by a water stream.

    Animal House:
    A house filled with animals inside it, with flowers.

    A windmill, not spinning, but a house inside with storage. Water going around it, with flowers and crops.

    Coordinates: Will come when I start building the project.

    smp5 location: /v +wild

    Items given:


    Huge Farm: I give Crops! Come get your crops with /v +wild on smp5!

    Tree Farm:
    We grow trees for paper! (Not true) Apples, and food. Saplings grow. Come get your fresh apples!!

    Come pick flowers with me at my garden!

    Animal Farm:
    Buy animals! (I'm going to keep some, of course). Come by animals and get one of the greatest ones with there names! /v +wild on smp5!

    Farm House:
    Crops, Animals, Flowers, and water! Everything you might need to survive!! Come get it all!!

    A place for storage, and crop keepings. <3 Come by it all! Auctions guaranteed!

    /waste ne:

    Big farm:
    All kinds of crops for the whole server to use! You don't even have to pay for that one!

    Animal House:
    Will be restocked every month! By animals and get a stick!! Free!

    Storage for all!! Animals for all!! Crops!!! Come get it all!! Free every day!!!

    Well, these are the upcoming things to EMC!! I hope you all enjoy them when they come out real soon! I'm still gathering up all the rupees! Have a nice day :)

    Edited Part:

    All of this stuff is coming real soon! I'm saving up my rupees <3

    Edited Part (2):

    The area in /waste ne will be repaired every week/month. Please don't grief them, they're gonna take a long time.

    Edited Party (3):

    The place will be very far into /waste ne!! (Notice/Record)

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  2. Reserved Comment, for if needed of course.
  3. This seems so familiar... LOL! Awesome, hope you have a great time doing it :D
  4. haven't you made two posts in the last few days telling us how you won't be spending much time on here anymore because you're too busy?
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  5. :p
    I know. Thanks btw. Also, I'm not coping you. I'm just starting my own :p
    Yes, but thats a week from MONDAY.
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  7. It is on smp5 and not smp8, oh well we already have one on smp8 :p good luck though. You will need it with the griefers. too much :eek::mad::confused:
  8. Yeah. Luckly, It's repaired every week/month.
  9. Bump

    Please leave suggestions on what I should build!
  10. My public iron farm is griefed every day so i think you will need to repair it quite often
  11. Yeah, luckily it's gonna be far in.
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    Guys, smp5 wants ???
  13. Guys, SMP5 WANTS ???
  14. Things people want from smp5:
    • All Things voted in poll
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    360 NO-SCOPE!##$%^
  16. Hi guys! Today, I decided to give news! So, I need help with my smp5 public utilities!

    So, I need help building everything! In a separate thread, the application to fill out the forum (to help me build) is in this link:

    What is the smp5 Public Utilities?
    The smp5 public utilities is a place (I've planned out) and working on. It hasn't started being build yet, although I'm working to get the rupees. It'll be starting to be built once I get helpers.

    What kind of jobs can Helpers Get?
    Well, they can get many jobs! Down below is the list, and it'll be in the thread about applying for the forum.
    • Builder
    • Supply Runner
    • Rupees
    So, all the jobs mean a thing. Down below explains all the jobs and what they can do!

    The Builder helps me build, get everything together. (Limit of Builders: 10 People)

    Supply Runner:
    Runs back and forth to get supplies if we need them! (Limit of Supply Runners: 12 People)

    Saves rupees if the group needs some. (Limit of Rupee Keepers: 15)

    Well, I hope you consider applying for some jobs! We really need the help :)