Smp5 public farms

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  1. Lots of people were involved in the making of these farms
    Its still a WIP so the location will not be announced.
    Here are the players and what they did (so far)

    Mishman25 - slime farm and nether portal to get there
    Mr_mockingcow - slime farm and nether portal to get there
    Running_ranga - slime farm
    Me- cave spider farm
    Chicken8or- slime farm
    Lottie1664 - slime farm
    Spirittigerj - slime farm
    Bigfoot2991- slime farm
    IIFameHD - slime farm
    Theomglover_- wip gold farm

    Lots of ppl worked on the slime farm.. thats cuz its huge.
    Goes down to y 15 in a 4 chunck radius (i think) but yah its real big.

    Cave spider farm - i made it myself with my own design (not on youtube) its not the best designe compared to others but its simple and i may make a tutorial. The cave spider farm has 2 spawners

    Zombie farm - not yet built to be made VERY soon as a zombie spawner is inthe area!!

    Gold farm- not yet built

    Blaze farm- not uet built

    Skeliton farm-most likely wont be built as no skeliton griners are in the area, same for normal spider farm.

    iron farm - khixan pm me i need assistance in the construction of this...

    Any suggestions for farms we should make? Reply or pm :)

    These farms will be out to the public but we need a "greif inspector" to show us how to secure it.

    ALSO if you helped and ur not in the list blame mish she forgot u but im pretty sure we got everyone.
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  2. Did these people give you permission to tell other people there farms and where they are?
  3. theo nobody owns the farm all the people that helped buold it i guess have permission to do this bt yah i never even released the location

    Ok i worededthat badly: there aint an owner were a team with the same privlages
  4. Well I mean there are come clues, Nether Portal, but heh sorry to interrupt :)
  5. All we know is that the farms are on smp5 and a lot of people worked on the slime farm. It's not like he gave away the entrance into the secret garden. lol
  6. Its veery hidden but eother way we docplan on goving out its location vey soon
  7. Yalk are missin the point; i didnt need permission in the first place i dont work for the maker of the famr cuz there simply isnt one. It was a team effort and everyone did pretty much the same amount of work so there arent leaders.
  8. You guys did use /buildmode as a group when making the farms right? Cause that would've been your first line of defense against griefers.
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  9. I think I have a problem.. I never read things.. Sorry :p
  10. I feel very invisible in this conversation.
  11. Uhhhhhhhh
    Idk it was more destroying blocks than placing them
    But the blocks that were placed were owned by who placed them. For my cave spider farm i owned all the blocks placed. Either way were all friends so we can destroy blocks
  12. Alright, well don't forget to lock the spawners.
  13. Thats done but i just checked... yeh we werent in buildmode... grip help us

    Its fine tho we didnt build as much as we destiryed so its ok for us to break and replace the blockes we.built lol
  15. Mish its midnight where i live boi
    Also we forgot to be on buildmode so do /buildmode and replace every. Single. Block.
    Lol we get greifed if u dont but gn anyway
  16. Ok im now annoncing the directions there.
    Its kinda finished, no gold farm yet and the slime farm is half but whatever

    The spider farm has been upgraded to have 3 spwners but one is tpo far so u would need an alt afking there, but when im online ill supply the alt

    Ok so to get there you go to the nether portal in /wild s
    Then go to where foreverco slime and skel farms are
    Then go up that ladder
    Then go through the hallway and down the boat ice path
    Then there is a nether portal down the staiers to your left. Bext to it are some blank signs, follow the signs and you will be in a little tunnel maze with more signs showing younthe way to go, and you will eventually be led to a portal in a small room.
    In the portal is our farms. We have chests in our house camp that arent locked but they are all just dirt and stone. Either way we want this dirt and stone so stealing it will most likely result in a ban.

    Thanks for using smp5 public farms!!!