Smp5 needs a directory!

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  1. Smp5 no longer has a directory, im willing to make one but imma need some help, help in terms of bulk blocks and people to help build it. Also, if you want to have your shop put into the directory, please reply your res address. (Has to be on smp5 lol)
  2. You can put my shop in the directory as well as shavingfoam's shop (he's my foamin' buddy).

    The Wooden Fortress (my shop): Address 10225
    The Wooden Fortress Wool Farm: Address 10228
    Shavingfoam shoppe`: Address 11372
  3. Thanks for the shops! Any more?
  4. Oh yea xD

    wassatthen - 10498
    DiamondDesires - 11096
    Winnipegjetsgirl - 11120
    WoolMart (Kyzoy & NZScruffy) (4 residences) 11288, 11289, 11436, and 11437

    There are of course many other shops but those are the major ones off the top of my head I can list
  5. Just saying, Im pretty sure Smp5 has a directory

    Edit: Im also thinking of making one :)
  6. It used to, went direlect tho and was overclaimed
  7. Thanks! B sure to tell me if u get anymore!
  8. Wow maybe an official directory in the making. Come on SMP5 you guys and gals can make a god one. Don't forget to add public farms with there locations into the directory. That way the whole community can be one. Peace out my peeps.
  9. Dude you have to wait 3 hours from the last post before bumping........Gosh man that's so rude. <------- (talking about me.)
  10. Soz lol... didnt know 3 hours passed, bit of a newbie to the forums xD

    Edit: thougt that meant 3 hrs after original post
  11. who was the owner?
  12. Dont know, thats just what i was told
  13. I am pretty sure fbuilders has one.
  14. Ok here are what will be the directorys catagories:
    Public utilities
    Small shops/shops that specialize in speicfic things
    Games (like /v +fun on utopia)

    Am i missing any?
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  15. mind checking for me? I dont have access to a pc at this time.
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  16. Smp5 now has a directory! /v +directory! Thanks flr giving me shops and reply to this thread if you want your shop on it!
  17. Lil bump! Soon will be making public farms of my own (tree farm carrot/wheat/potato farm etc)