SMP5 - MooshVille Outpost

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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Mooshville Outpost thread. To join, just inform me that you're joining and i'll PM you with co-ords.

    My goal with this outpost is to stay strong through griefings and build up a large, friendly and welcoming wilderness community.

    Here's a picture of our main island with its surrounding islands from the Live-Map:
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    More pictures will be coming when we have some buildings in there.
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  2. Sounds pretty cool. I haven't got any active projects on 5, so I'd love to come check it out some time. Maybe build a few things out there :)

    PM me the coords, and I'll head out next time I'm on. I suppose I could find you, if you don't PM me, but what fun would that be? :eek:
  3. Looks like you've got some action now buddy.

    One of the things I'd love to build is a MASSIVE gold farm in the nether. But it will be a LOT of work. And I need it to be on a server where I've got nothing else.....
  4. 4 *cough* Oh we have one! 5
  5. Yeah? Mind if I check it out? I've seen a few. One in the overworld - maybe yours? Using portals?
  6. Its not mine its Ob1bob69 Ask him if you can see it and I will take you too it, I have a waypoint to it
  7. Already seen it. :) I do A LOT of exploring on smp4, 5, and 8.
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  8. I guess i can put some of my focus to build in your outpost.
    I will try to build this building:
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    With a spa.
  9. my home server is smp5, so i will join. i can supply food and tools
  10. I will join
  11. Updates:
    We have now expanded off into other islands, and the main island seems to be doing well. Here's a picture of it now:
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  12. I would like to be a part of it:)
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  13. We have room for 1 more member - secure your place. I will be making a new outpost on smp8, so keep an eye out if you can't get in here :)
  14. Could I possibly join?
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  15. All spots full. Moving onto my next outpost in a few days :)
  16. can i join? (as gearmaster08 but send the PMs to me)
  17. Save a spot for me on the next outpost please!