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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft! Today I present the Mob Square, a place dedicated to letting you kill mobs in the wild. It's a spawning platform for mobs for fun or for loot, that's only 200 blocks out in the wild.


    Sorry for the terrible spawn rates shown here; they're usually much better (you'll be swarmed by mobs).

    - 60x60 spawning platform for mob spawning
    - 4-block-high walls to prevent escapes
    - Full ceiling (coming soon)
    - Lit-up surrounding area to allow for concentrated mob spawns
    - Fully constructed of hardened clay. Say goodbye to pesky Creeper holes; hardened clay is 100% Creeper-proof!

    - Killing mobs is fun!
    - You may even spawn a mini-boss
    - It's 100% FREE!
    - Why not?

    - SMP5
    - 350 X, 10850 Z
    - Head to the Frontier South outpost and head southeast to the coordinates listed above, or follow the torch trail.

    - Return all dropped items if someone dies. If you don't believe someone, ask then what they had on them and see if it matches.
    - Share the farm with other people. Don't hog all the mobs.
    - (Suggested) Form a group. You'll even get the Strength buff and tokens!
    - Be courteous. Share all special mob drops if taken down in a team.
    - No PvP whatsoever. This includes intentionally getting someone killed by a creeper, etc.
    - No griefing. Destruction of the arena is against EMC rules.
    - If you see someone breaking the rules, PM me on the forums (preferably with proof). If they're breaking an EMC rule, contact a Moderator ASAP.

    If you have a suggestion (or a fix) please let me know! Please ask if you have any questions. Thanks in advance,

  2. Please donate!
    - Light Gray Stained Clay
    - White Stained Clay

    Thanks to:
    - SkyDragonv8
    - AmusedStew
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  3. PenguinDJ, your good deeds have awarded you some stone slabs.

    Check your mail. :)
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  4. I'm donating 5000r to buy more clay! Need to go check this out!
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  5. I know! We could call it the Mob Aren- ....Oh.
    Jokes aside, liking the work :cool:
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  6. Mob Arena 3.0
  7. It's an awesome build! Follow the torchs
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  8. I'll probably end up building a mob spawner and dropping mobs from the sky onto the player. Actually, that's DEFINITELY going to happen.
  9. This would be like Mob Arena 4.0 :p
  10. I feel like this is going to get griefed...
  11. I do too, and I kept that in mind as I built. I'm going to continue on it regardless.
  12. /staff

    As long as people are donating clay or rupees to buy clay, griefers will just get banned and the area will be repaired. If ti ever gets griefed lmk and I will shoot you repair costs.
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  13. I built something like this out on smp4 just outside of spawn almost a year ago. Has obsidian floor instead of hardened clay, but same basic concept. Never had any greif problems. Once placed a beacon, but couldn't keep the iron blocks safe, had to ban too many people and finally removed it. What is hard to understand about every iron block having a sign that says staff monitored area, stealing = ban.

    Fun project and if you just put the roof 4 blocks high, it can even just be made of dirt.