Smp5-11239-Buying Diamond

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  1. I am wanting to buy 20 stacks of diamond

    If you have diamonds that you are wanting to sell contact me and we will work out a price.
  2. i have some up for sale but not 20 more like 14
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  3. I will take as many as I can get.
  4. I can do it. 67k
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  5. you must have bunches of diamonds....
  6. No duping, swear on it, just lots of long winding mineshaft labyrinths
  7. Well I just bought an inventory full of diamond (100k) so I wont be needing anymore.
  8. Your achievement?
  9. I think I can keep it still even tho I only have 50k.
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  10. Not really fair!
  11. The achievment is to mark what you have gotten, not what you can keep. Its really an honor system to be truthful.

    Like me, i have had almost 900k. But never hit it. Now after the great diamond rush of 2012 im down to 500ish. But i am still keeping my club level till i reach a new record for my self.
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  12. I still have diamonds for 44 if you want any.
  13. i have diamonds like 35r each