SMP5 - 10008 - Diamonds 42R Each

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  1. Diamonds for 42R each at SMP5 res #10008

    Jump down for diamonds.
    There is like 18Stacks in total
    1Stack blocks
    9Stack gems

    Before you ask where i got them from heres the answer:

    I've bought ALOT of them for 30R each, and i had like 5stacks from mining (Fortune3)
    I've had theese diamonds for weeks now, i don't need them so i chose to re-sell 'em
  2. Can you please save a stack for me? As I am not online till tomorrow!
  3. I will, just remember to contact me when you have time then :)
  4. Thanks! I'll pm you when I m on the server
  5. Can you come and sell all (or w/e you want to) of them to my chest shop (3144 on smp2) please? My grinder is on smp5 and I'm really far in the wild.
  6. I'll let my brother to do that, since i'm in the wilderness on smp2. How much do you want?
  7. Did you save a stack for me?
  8. Yup :)
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  9. Didn't you have alot already? :D

    Oh btw how much do you buy slime balls for?. I might be able to stock you up, i have a half chest full